June 21, 2010

My First Cellphone

I just wanted to share this post here. It is about my very first cellphone. During the start of cellphone era I never had any, I find it luxurious to have one during my time. Who cares anyway we already have a telephone in our house. So time flies and everyone goes on having their cellphones. I can hear ringings and beeps inside the classroom. Everyone are showing new models and features of their cellphones. Until I graduated college I still don't have any cellphone. As I work I can't still get any extra money to buy one cellphone. Php 4,000 - 5,000 is still expensive. I rather spend it for groceries and other things needed.

2002 when I bought my very first cellphone. It was a NOKIA 3210. It is outdated then because everyone was already using 3310 and higher models of NOKIA. That phone was already cheap. I only bought it around Php 3,000 plus. That was after having some extra money which I have earned from a networking company. Having that cellphone is really an achievement for me because it was my very first cellphone from my hard earned money. I used it for three years and never bought another one until it really surrendered. That cellphone did give a good service.


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Val Patrick Danganan said...

My very first mobile phone was Nokia 5110. It was given to me by my uncle as a gift after I received an outstanding award at school.

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